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Rajasthan: The Best backpacking destination in India

Rajasthan : The Abode of Rajas

Why Rajasthan indeed?

Suitable for all size of plans . Week long , month long , or a day long.Numerous popular cities to visit.Shopper's paradise.Best forts in India in one State.Diversity - Greenery, Desert, Lakes, Urbanization or Tranquility. You will get it all.Wildlife SanctuariesHeritage cities - Best for people who love cities with a history.Food - A host of popular dishes to cherish. Vegetarians rejoice.Transport - All options are available, abundant and safe. Trains. buses or airways.Budget friendly - One can choose a budget fitting as he likes. Everyone can enjoy irrespective of his pocket strength.
1.  Pune to Mumbai (Bandra Terminus) (via Bus)
Distance: 159 km
Duration: 3-4 hrs

2. Mumbai to Chittorgarh (via Train 22901 / UDZ SUPER FAST)
Distance: 831 km
Duration: One night stay in Chittorgarh

3. Chittorgarh to Udaipur (via Passenger Train) ,
Distance: 117 km
Duration:  Same day departure for Jodhpur

4. Udaipur to Jodhpur (via St…