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Scared of GIT?

GIT has become one of those tools in e business that you can't ignore anymore. So I suggest you learn to use the basics of the idea called GIT. For my tester friends, as you enter the automation phase, git is going to come around sooner or later. So watch out. 
Let's start with initializing a repo (assuming git is installed on your computer).
Before you start, just create a folder. Example "Octobox" (I am following the github office training algo). Open command prompt at that location. Now follow the commands specified here one by one. 

Creating your first Docker image for Python project

Docker is the modern way to share ready made machines , so other can use it without the usual hassles of configuration and environment setup. I wanted to try it myself first hand, to see what the fuss is about.  I want to share what I found, so you start your project right now.

Before we start, for the absolute beginners who ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about DOCKER, let me try to explain what it is:

It is a CONTAINER which CONTAINS ALL that you NEED to run your project. 
Dockers are the new generation Virtual Machines which totally remove the need to install another files on a system just to run or test something . They are just CONTAINERS with all the things necessary for our app to work. That's it .

1) User need not worry about , what he needs to install for the project.
2) He doesn't need to know the steps for building the project.
3) He doesn't need to worry about the correct versions and their respective correct libraries that need to be installed.
4) Its can easily…