About Me

Hi everybody,

Myself, Arindam Roychowdhury . I live in Pune , India and I work in an electronics company as a Senior Test Engineer. I don't want my page to sound professional , and so I won't plunge into more professional details .

I love doing anything and everything. Anything can pique interest in me and I take my interest seriously.
I have been traveling from a few years inside India , joining treks , camps, and yearly week long trips . I am not afraid of traveling alone too and this attitude has further given me wings to travel to distant places with no plans and preparations.

I love to share knowledge , listen and respond, give shapes to ideas. Blogging is my latest discovery....Writing is the fun I derive...I believe , everyone should write their thoughts somewhere . And so I write....Gives me relief..Makes me free....
Other things I enjoy are , Reading Novels, Photography , Working out in Gym, Programming for fun using Python , Playing video games, and watching movies and a few selected TV Shows.

Thanks again for visiting my blog.....Hope to see you again..Take care.

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