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Easy Jenkins Setup on local machine for beginners

Setup Jenkins on your local PC in minutes
Since you are here, I am assuming that you are trying to find out ,  how to start with Jenkins and you have no clue about it . If it's true, then you are in the best place possible .
This is a blog on Jenkins setup for those guys who have absolutely no idea what to do or where to start.
What is Jenkins?
In short, it is a Build Tool. Also called Continuous integration or CI Server. Most common usage is "Build Automation" . Build Automation is the process of creation of a software build. It includes processes in the order like:
Step 1:  Compiling Source code into binary code. Step 2: Packaging binary code. Step 3: Running automated tests.
What are we going to cover:
1.Install Jenkins locally. 2.Create a free run Project. 3.Configure it to run a windows shell command. 4.Display Hello World message using shell command on the console window of Jenkins.
Download the Jenkins setup file . It's a zip file . Something like this. jenkins-1.59…