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SVN commands you must know as an Automation Engineer

In the course of automation and continuous integration , you will someday come across a stage where you have to perform svn operations . And obviously, using command line (forget fancy UIs to do your business) using command line. And then you will have to start digging in,  which will take a substantial amount time ...believe me. This happened with me recently, and I swore to myself, I cannot repeat this search and rescue operation.
The basic svn operations you must be using everyday are:  Checkout  Export  Add files Commit Info Update  Get properties Set properties log  listLets say, you are automating a testing activity. You basic steps must be:  Get the firmware to be tested (from svn or some repo) Get test code (again from repo) Run your test Commit test results into a Tag or send a report For 3 of above tasks,  you are going to need to use a lot of svn commands
Export or Checkout ?
Before you start, you must decide to checkout or export your repositories.  If you need to commit a…