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How to forward domain to www.domain if you bought a domain from godaddy

If you bought a domain recently while I write this in 2017, you probably have observed the fact that "" works , yet "" doesn't. This is how you redirect it properly.

Login to

This is what you will see under "My Products". Click on Manage beside Domains

You will see another page with you domain name. Click on the machine icon on the right top corner. Choose "Manage DNS".
 In this page, you will notice at the bottom of the page, the section with heading "Forwarding" . 
Beside "DOMAIN", click on ADD.
Beside the forward to box, write Set true the check box below. Save. That's it. 
Test by launching " " . It should redirect to "". Thanks for reading.

CNTLM in Office

If you are facing a proxy problem , CNTLM is a general option everybody considers. But the working of CNTLM is not always guaranteed. I myself get confused every time I need to use it.

What problem are we actually talking about?

While working in offices and restricted environments where firewalls and other invisible barriers stop your requests from going out, you sometimes need a way to temporarily jump over that barrier to get your job done . Example: You might face them while trying to install using pip in command line, trying to clone a personal git repository. 

What is CNTLM exactly?

I think this is best answered by the creator himself. Refer this. You can download it from here. For configuration, you an refer this. There are many uses of CNTLM but I am trying to solve my own problem here. So I will stick to breaking office barriers for now ;) .

Why do I need to use it :
1) Python package installations using PIP
2) Git operations : Cloning and pushing to server.

Here are a set of steps I …