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SVN commands you must know as an Automation Engineer

In the course of automation and continuous integration , you will someday come across a stage, where you will need to perform svn operations . And obviously, using command line (forget fancy UIs to do your business) cause it has to be headless (no visible UI). And then you will have to start digging in,  which will take a substantial amount time ...believe me. This happened with me recently, and I swore to myself, I cannot repeat this search and rescue operation.
The basic svn operations you must be using everyday are:  Checkout  Export  Add files Commit Info Update  Get properties Set properties log  listLets say, you are automating a testing activity. You basic steps must be:  Get the firmware to be tested (from svn or some repo) Get test code (again from repo) Run your test Commit test results into a Tag or send a report For 3 of above tasks,  you are going to need to use a lot of svn commands
Export or Checkout ?
Before you start, you must decide to checkout or export your reposi…

Art of Unittest writing : Auto-generation of unit test cases

How to auto create test cases with minimum coding  Lets say , you want to run a series of test cases that undergo similar kind of testing  . but you need to generate different test cases for each comparison (or whatever test procedure you are using).

So imagine. We want to test a function. A function that accepts two variables, and an operator for comparison. Here's our test function:

def _test_func(self, a, b, exp, operator):
        ans = 0
        exec("ans = %d %s %d" % (a, operator, b))
        self.assertEqual(ans, exp)

We want to test above function with various inputs....And...we want each scenario as a test case...You might need it for test report or something...

importunittestfromcollectionsimportnamedtupleclassTestAuto(unittest.TestCase):defsetUp(self):passdeftearDown(self):pass# Adder function to add test casedef_add_test(cls,generator):forfunc,name,doc,a,b,exp,operatoringenerator():test=lambdaself,a=a,b=b,expected=exp,oper=operator,func=func:func(self,a,b,expec…