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Enchanted by a mountain god.Harishchandragad

The Mountain

Harishchandragadis probably the favorite destination for most trekkers (both casual and regular trekkers). It offers views no other destination can offer . It presents phenomenon which cannot be found anywhere in the world. Tourist from outside India frequent this spot.
Whats so unique about Harishchandragarh? A formation of mountains to create a special view called Konkan Kada . No one who visits it , believes it at first. It will forever capture a part of your memories. Still today , I can remember that exact time when I stood with a gaping open mouth, thunderstruck. 
From its summit , at morning, I watched the sun emerging in between clouds from its abode . All the stories I heard became true. There is nothing beautiful than nature. This was the second trek of my life (first being Ratangarh..another gem..another fantastic trek). And this was special.A night trek. Inside my mind
I had no idea how a trek with medium grade difficulty can be organizedwith a group of amate…